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Debut album – Where The Acorn Falls  © 2017

Never be the sun

Maybe We’ll Dance

Bright Blue Rose

Where the Acorn Falls

Cousin Jack

Silvington Tree

Lovin’ Arms

River of Mists

A Horse of War

Crow on the Cradle

Somewhere Along the Road

Mirabeau Bridge

Down the line © 2017


The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter

Down the Line

Quaker William

What’s the use of wings?

Women of Steel

Walking on Sunday

Sail Away

Soldier’s Farewell

Hammer, Pick and Borer

Follow the Heron Home

I Live Not Where I Love

Jemmy Banner

Connemara Cradle Song

Prices include £2 P&P
Prices include £2 P&P

A Song in Every Window©2018


A Song in Every Window


The Breton Raid

The Charter

Catherine of Aragon

The Fyshinge Feaste

Finest Day

Sir Walter's Almain

Chasing Dreams

The Siege of Plymouth

Quaker William

Dancing on the Hoe


A Song in Every Window (Reprise)

Prices include £2 P&P